Unofficial FAQ for trying Radicle

There should be somewhere gathering problems that new users might meet but the old ones have already met and solved since Radicle is on the way to 尾2

0. could not log in

First of all, make sure you鈥檙e using the latest version, Radicle - Downloads

1. how to reset profile / remove repos

Radicle doesn鈥檛 support deleting repos for now, but if you want to reset profile/state, check this script:

Related discussion on discourse:

2. problems while setting up a seed node

First of all, you might want to read this docs Running a seed node 路 docs

And if you鈥檙e not familiar with the command-line but still want to set up a seed node, try to follow the PR [WIP]: Seed Infra by FintanH 路 Pull Request #61 路 radicle-dev/radicle-bins 路 GitHub, it will provide Dockerfile and systemd script.

3. could not connect to the seed nodes

This is actually which step I鈥檓 stuck at currently now, here is the linked issue on GitHub Some tools for checking or logging the p2p status of the upstream 路 Issue #1657 路 radicle-dev/radicle-upstream 路 GitHub

4. Windows version

Radicle Upstream doesn鈥檛 have windows version for now, please track the issue Add support for Windows 路 Issue #1488 路 radicle-dev/radicle-upstream 路 GitHub

Welcome to provide more problems you met or solved while you trying radicle, list behind, and I鈥檓 willing to gather them to the top.


The status in the top post is passed, for the roadmap of the radicle project

All projects:

As a limit of discourse, I can鈥檛 edit the top post too many times, there must be some way to do this thing better.


Hmmm, maybe we should just try to merge this with the FAQ in the docs then and make it easier to contribute? I鈥檇 love to keep this updated, and don鈥檛 want it to be limited by Discourse.

What do you think?

I just have no idea how to merge, the format and purpose are different, the FAQ is clean and tiny and this is verbose LOL

I was considering adding this to radicle-unofficial 路 GitHub

maybe we should just try to merge this with the FAQ in the docs then and make it easier to contribute?

Or you are saying, we can link github issues in the FAQ? I can open a PR to the docs repo and trying to do that this weekend