[README] Applying for a Radicle Grant? Start here 🌱

Welcome to Radicle Grants :wave:

This is the home to all Radicle Grants applications and announcements. To learn more about Radicle Grants, please read the blog post or head to the radicle-grants repository.

How do I apply for a grant?

There are 2 ways to apply:

1. Freeform Grant

Apply for any work you think deserves funding, whether it’s a contribution to Radicle, FOSS, or web3

2. Request for Proposal (RFP) Grant

Apply towards an existing proposal, most likely posted by us on Discourse forum.

  • If we’ve posted an RFP, just drop a reply on Discourse with some details on why you’d be a good fit. You can see some of the details we’re looking for here.

If you don’t want to work on a grant, but have an idea, feel free to create an RFP using our template and post it on the grants category of radicle.community.

Which application is right for me?

:seedling: If your project is smaller in scope, has a shorter timeline, and/or can be clearly defined by a set of deliverables, a Seed Grant is probably best. It’s a faster process.

:evergreen_tree: If your project is larger in scope & timeline, features more complex technical work, and/or requires longer-term collaboration, we recommend a Tree Grant. Tree Grants are also best fit for partnership proposals.