Radicle IDE Plugins (VS Code + Jetbrains IDE): April - June 2023

Overview :telescope:

Continuing on from the grant structure proposed here, we are hereby proposing using the same model for the continued development of both the Jetbrains IDE plugin (once the current - at time of writing this - grant is completed), as well as the VS Code extension. This should bring less overhead for both ourselves, as grantees, as well as the Radicle Grants Committee.

This grant proposal will cover all the development work that will extend:

  • for the VS Code extension, from 6 April - 30 June
  • for the Jetbrains IDE plugin, from 20 April - 30 June

In the future, this can bring a more streamlined quarterly funding process and there will be no separation in the dates. It only happens this first time.

Description :page_facing_up:

Here is an overview of the progress so far and future development goals for each plugin:

VS Code Extension

Version 0.1 of the VS Code extension is now finally published and includes the first, pre-heartwood, functionality, adding support for the most common actions: Radicle Push, Pull and Sync.

With Heartwood slowly heading for a more generally available release, it is time to shift our focus there. We need to migrate the existing actions to work with heartwood nodes and add support for cloning (in our v0.2 release) and then continue further by adding the necessary User Interface to start working on Radicle Patch Proposals (coming up in v0.3).

The roadmap for the VS Code Extension is available here and our plans for future development have been organized in these Milestones.

Jetbrains IDE plugin

In the Jetbrains IDE plugin, we’ve just shipped the first round of Heartwood support! In v0.4 of the plugin, which has just been released, we migrated the pre-heartwood functionality for Auth, Push, Pull, Sync and Clone to Heartwood. We are already continuing work on v0.5 with support for Radicle Patch Proposals on Heartwood.

The roadmap for the Jetbrains IDE plugin is available here and our plans for future have been organized in these Milestones.

Budget :briefcase:

  • Total Duration: 128.25 FTE days
  • Software Engineer Full-time equivalent (FTE): 39 FTE days
  • Senior Software Engineer Full-time equivalent (FTE): 58.25 FTE days
  • Team Lead / Product Owner Full-time equivalent (FTE): 31 FTE days
  • Total Costs: 92 280 EUR ( 101 095 USDC)
  • Recipient Wallet: 0x445717316388f1d1fb1730D3f6f9Bf59e0b03f4f

Option 1: Drips-Powered Payments

In terms of a proposed payment sctructure, we would be prefer to be onboarded to Drips, as a way to “drink our own champagne” and reuse another Radicle stack product.

Option 2: Traditional Payments Schedule

In case it is not possible to onboard to Drips (v2) (e.g. because of a delayed launch), we propose a more traditional schedule, as per below:

  • 20% advance payment upon approval of the grant,
  • 40% payment after 6 calendar weeks,
  • 40% payment after 6 calendar weeks.

Team :busts_in_silhouette:

Team members

  • Yorgos Saslis
  • Ioannis Christodoulou
  • Stelios Mavrommatakis
  • Kostis Maninakis


Team’s experience

  • [Yorgos] 15+ years of experience in various roles of the full Software Development Lifecycle: writing code, agreeing on specs with clients, architecting systems, establishing product priorities, designing testing and CI strategies, and co-creating department-wide processes - with an itch for driving “waste” out the door. Co-founder of developer communities (DevStaff, Heraklion Software Crafters, Web3 Greece) and co-organizer of open space unconferences (AgileCrete, JCrete) on the (paradise!:desert_island:) island of Crete!
  • [Ioannis] is a Software Architect with 10 years of professional experience in Web and Mobile applications, such as Greek Passenger Locator Form (a web application that all travelers coming to Greece were required to fill-in) and Covid Free GR (the mobile application used throughout Greece to verify COVID-19 vaccination, recovery and test certificates). He is also the creator and maintainer of an IntelliJ plugin (GitExtender - github, marketplace ) for managing and updating multiple git repositories in the same IntelliJ project.
  • [Kostis] After many years of international professional experience, Kostis has grown into a frontend-oriented software crafter with a passion for web technologies, developer tools, and refined user experiences. With occasional contributions to local dev communities and open-source software, including publishing the popular TypeScript library ts-xor, Kostis has always been looking for opportunities to become increasingly active in open-source software development. Moreover, he was there during Bitcoin’s early rise in 2011, actively partaking in the cipher-punk community’s radical discussions while mining his first Bitcoin with his desktop CPU, which he subsequently day-traded for many sleepless months. :slightly_smiling_face:
  • [Stelios] is a young Full Stack Software Engineer focused on web applications development. He had participated in large software projects like the EU-DPLF (https://euplf.eu/) a paneuropean application for covid19 contact tracing for tavelers to the EU. He is a passionate software engineer and is currently working on a web3 project expanding his knowledge and experience in new and challenging sectors.

Team Code Repos

Team LinkedIn Profiles (if available)

Additional Information :heavy_plus_sign:

How did you hear about the Grants Program? Radicle Discord


Due to some holidays and people taking time off, there is actually less budget required to cover the above development interval. The total budget is 84 270 EUR (92 543 USDC) as opposed to 92 280 EUR (101 095 USDC).

With regards to the payment method, it looks like Drips v2 has been deployed on mainnet, so we would prefer to try that out, if possible and if you agree, when you are ready to move forward with this grant.

Spoke off-line with @yorgos about testing Drips V2 for this grant.

The payout will be as follows:

  • 20%: initial one-off payment directly from Gnosis Safe
  • 50%: Drips V2 stream of funds over the course of the grant
  • 30%: final one-off payment directly from Gnosis Safe

As such, I’ve started the 20% (18,508.60 USDC out of 92,543 USDC) at Nonce 62 below

Note: as a reminder, all tax compliance for the grant is the responsibility of the grantees

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