So I was looking at GitHub and its various ‘tabs’ at the top of the body of the repo: Many of those items can be toggled on and off, and I started to get the sense that these things were basically plugins; so it occurred to me that in decentralized implementation, these items would not have to be built-in or even determinant for every given repo. For instance, a wiki does not have to be included for every repo, but for those that do, they might wish to use a different sort of template or structure or syntax for that wiki, or else they may want to decide whether that wiki should be its own repo, a branch, or merely a directory within their main repo or even built from the very root of the master branch (similar to options available for GitHub Pages). I would imagine much the same approach would prove desirable for discussions, issues, project management, or even features well beyond the scope of what GitHub et al offers.

This would of course allow folks to build their own plugins, which could of course be produced and distributed right on the Radicle protocol.