Increasing Radicle Awareness

We’re here because we’re excited about Radicle, because we find it compelling, because we want to see this vision materialize. All of us became aware of Radicle through one way or another, but now as a group we need to turn our sights to the objective of helping others learn of Radicle because without increased awareness we will not see Radicle becoming a standard.

So how do we increase awareness? I think at minimum there are two efforts we can engage in, one which looks like funding individuals or groups for ‘Developer Relations’ roles on behalf of Radicle, and the other is more akin to content marketing.

Before we proceed to a formal proposal about funding, I wanted to bring this up to the community and gauge the reception. Would love to get feedback and hear thoughts.


Nice one @jkol

I definitely think that there is a lot to be done to increase awareness for Radicle, especially as the network becomes more stable in Q4 from a tech standpoint.

I personally would love to see a working group around that topic. It could be part of the growth working group that is being discussed, although “awareness” is simply the top of the funnel, while “growth” could capture initiatives around awareness → adoption → engagement → retention → evangelism.

Beyond the ideas you mentioned (dev relations and content), we also need to consider a more structured approach on 1. Events (hackathons, conferences, meetups) and 2. Partnerships (especially with other DAOs or projects that increase awareness for Radicle).

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