Dogfooding v2 🐶

Now that the β-release of Radicle is public, I think it’s time for us (the maintainers and core contributors to Radicle) to revisit ~* dogfooding *~. While we will need to continue relying on centralized infrastructure for our day-to-day operations, we can start introducing processes for better incorporating Radicle into our development workflows.

While our repositories have been published to Radicle, we should make sure we:

  1. Define an explicit process for maintaining these repositories and keeping them updated.

  2. Establish a process for accepting contributions to our repositories via Radicle

Until we have revisions built, it seems that the best way to enable contributions to our repos via Radicle is potentially (and ironically) a mailing list. We just need a shared, visible place for contributors to share their Device IDs with us when there are changes to be reviewed and merged. My thinking is that we could either create an email for this purpose or have a channel here on

What do others think?


If there is no rush, I would wait for revisions to land. Otherwise, seems like a good idea.

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