Dogfooding Radicle


I’ve been low-key following radicle since early 2019 or so. I was wondering if the team(s?) developing it are dogfooding the project?

If not, do you have a minimal roadmap you need to accomplish before even the smallest amount of dogfooding can take place?

The reason I’m making this post is cause I think there’s a lot of potential in the project, and the clouds on the horizon of team-based code collaboration are seemingly somewhat dark, at the moment. Thus I’m writing this post with nothing but amicable intentions <3

I tried searching the forums but I couldn’t find anything on the topic, my apologies if it has been brought up previously.

All the best,


Hey @cblgh!

Thanks for posting! Awesome to hear that you’ve been following Radicle.

Yeah, dogfooding is top of mind for us. We actually did so for the alpha version of Radicle last year. We learned a ton about what we actually need for a functional and usable p2p code collab. Since the Summer, we’ve been refactoring (I think most of our changes have been summed up in this post).

The plan now is to move to our own stack when we launch our beta in two months. The roadmap for this release was actually defined by what we need to build Radicle. So, what we’re developing now to push in June will be dogfooded by our team and “dogfoodable” if you will, by our community. You can find the roadmap we’re using here :slight_smile:

Let us know what you think!


@abbey thanks for the quick reply!

Also, that’s really heartening to hear :3 I’m looking forward to trying things out in the summer!


I’m also lurking and following progress on Radicle, and plan to be one of the first beta testers when you have something to release. Great work, everyone! I was really impressed with the Alpha and can’t wait to try the Beta.


@cblgh @christroutner - so great y’all are as excited as we are. can’t wait to get your thoughs & feedback :seedling: