Discord Server

Have you ever thought of making a discord server? for people to chat and get support via that and get support with your product.
If you need a person to make one just let me know as i can make nice servers My discord name and tag is Jetus#0001


I think this is a great idea. Most projects have Discord servers. The moderation tools and ability to respond to messages and create sub-channels is better than Telegram.

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Big plus one to a discord server :slight_smile: It brings about more organic conversation and offers the abilities to measure community involvement as well :slight_smile:

We decided to go with Matrix, bc it was a better fit values wise (p2p) but I’m wondering if it’s creating too much of a barrier to entry…


Minus one to Discord! That is a closed-source silo platform run by a fairly predatory company. When I’m researching a new project and discover they have a Discord server I usually turn and run.