Can't create a new repo


I just installed your app, did the setup and everything. Whenever I try to create a new project though I get this error:

  "code": "ProjectCreationFailure",
  "message": "Could not create project: early EOF; class=Net (12); code=Eof (-20)",
  "source": {
    "response": {}

What should I do ?

Another things I keep getting errors because this went wrong like so

  "code": "ProjectRequestFailure",
  "message": "The project oeiqdrnt could not be loaded",
  "details": {
    "type": "defaultBranch",
    "urn": "rad:git:hwd1yre8gjgzyi1mrmhz6xnw1754z48rxsdsft8c6ccs36dcwnhzckwecar",
    "shareableEntityIdentifier": "%rad:git:hwd1yre8gjgzyi1mrmhz6xnw1754z48rxsdsft8c6ccs36dcwnhzckwecar",
    "metadata": {
      "name": "oeiqdrnt",
      "description": "",
      "defaultBranch": "main",
      "maintainers": [
    "stats": null

Hey @gawlk, thanks for reaching out. That’s strange, our engineers are out for the day but I’ve brought it to their attention and they’ll get back to you tomorrow.

The EOF error is quite weird! Out of interest, can you tell us what OS you’re using?

This section of our troubleshooting docs should help with getting you back into a regular state: Troubleshooting · docs

Let us know if you still need help :v:

Same problem on Mac OS. Can’t create new or import existing repo
“code”: “ProjectCreationFailure”,
“message”: “Could not create project: early EOF; class=Net (12); code=Eof (-20)”,
“source”: {
“response”: {}

Same issue here. Did you guys find any solution?

I had the same issue with Mac, then I’ve reloaded Upstream client and created repo with different name and it was successful.

Unfortunately, when I go to the list of projects in Radicle Upstream I receive an error:
“code”: “ProjectRequestFailure”,
“message”: “The project MY_PROJECT could not be loaded”,
“details”: {
“type”: “defaultBranch”,
“urn”: “rad:git:hwd1yrefi6k6mf1fihnb8wc1fzmr7u1o88y4erhnq1ph8eaycy13x7sdcca”,
“shareableEntityIdentifier”: “%rad:git:hwd1yrefi6k6mf1fihnb8wc1fzmr7u1o88y4erhnq1ph8eaycy13x7sdcca”,
“metadata”: {
“name”: “MY_PROJECT”,
“description”: “”,
“defaultBranch”: “main”,
“maintainers”: [
“stats”: null

where MY_PROJECT is the first unsuccessfully created repo name